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  • CUTS LIKE A KNIFE (2017)
  • CUTS LIKE A KNIFE (2017)
  • CUTS LIKE A KNIFE (2017)



This painting reflects the tumultousness of the artist’s emotions at one point in time.

The canvas represents the volatility of emotions as depicted by the peaks and valleys in the painting. We can compare them to the peaks of mountains or to waves crashing on a beach.

The use of hight contrast colors black and white, shades of greys and vanilla– are an analogy for dark and light emotions. The intentional use of a palette knife for this painting and the title of the painting, “cuts like a knife”, further communicates the harshness, sharpess and intensity of the emotions felt by the artist while making this painting. The lighter colors represent the feelings of calmness, thoughtfulness and coming back to a normal baseline of emotions that the artist was seeking to hold on to. The bottom of the painting that is represented by vanilla colors – represents the arrival and acceptance of normal and calmer feelings.

The artist feels that all emotions are important and need to be expressed. She finds a beauty and purity to even the darker feelings and has tried to showcase them in a beautiful manner.

    1. 94X94X4 cm (framed)
    2. 90x90x2 cm (unframed)
  • Oil on cotton canvas

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