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  • ILLUMINATE (2021)
  • ILLUMINATE (2021)
  • ILLUMINATE (2021)



lluminate is a painting that pays homage to the artits’s Indian heritage and her love of this very special and favorite festival, the festival of lights – Diwali.

Diwali is a time of thankfulness, of gratitude, of bringing light into your life and illuminating it with joy, positivity, and abundance.

Traditionally, Diwali symbolizes how purity, love and devotion are the antidote to negativity and toxicity. On Diwali, we pray that love enters our heart and lives so that we may become agents of love and light in this world.

The girl represented in the painting surrounded by Diyas (lights) and Marigold flowers (representing positivity, sacredness, and sanctity) is giving thanks and gratitude as she focuses on illuminating the love and light within herself.

    1. 60X80X4 cm (unframed)
    2. 68x86x8 cm (framed)


  • Oil on cotton canvas

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