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Akshita’s art originates either from an emotional, autobiographical point of view or then from a point of view based upon the reality around her.  She is led to intuitively paint with emotional freedom when she is creating her abstract expressionist works.  When painting the reality around her whether inspired by nature or people she tends to follow the more traditional techniques of painting.  

Akshita paints with a lot of sensitivity and emotion.  She uses colors, symbols and elements to imbue her paintings with a specific energy and meaning.  Everything from the colors, textures, and brushwork come together in harmony and invite the viewer to connect with the emotions and story of her paintings.  Her aim is to sustain this relationship - the instinctive, deep rooted gut connection that is created between her works and her audience.

Akshita’s painting style is influenced by her love of the Renaissance and Impressionist Masters like Rembrandt and Monet.  Whatever the subject matter, Akshita wants to create works that are timeless, elegant, and beautiful. 

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Akshita Lad is based in Dubai.  She showcases her artworks internationally.
In-person visits can be arranged by appointment.  Get in touch via the form if you would like to discuss acquisitions, collaborations, exhibitions, etc.

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Selected Insights

2023 shows


New York, New York

Mar 30 - Apr 2, 2023

Artexpo - New YORK


Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria


London, U.K



timeless ART

Ms. Lad aspires to create paintings that are timeless and elegant.  Her paintings reveal depth and technical accuracy.  Through her signature colour blending style she seeks to evoke a sense of emotional connection, joy and happiness in the viewer.  

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