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  • Aspen Hills (2021)
  • Aspen Hills (2021)
  • Aspen Hills (2021)

Aspen Hills (2021)



This painting is inspired by the natural landscape and beauty of Aspen, U.S.A. The colors especially when the seasons are changing are especially beautiful. Through the impressionist brushwork the artist wants to capture the feeling of beauty, appreciation and wonder she feels for the natural world. This is more than just a painting of what is seen but is rather about communicating the emotion the artist feels in the presence of the sheer beauty of mother nature. It is about not taking for granted the gift we have been given with this planet we call home. This planet where all living creatures share a common destiny. We need to do all we can to protect and preserve our planet because it is so very beautiful and only by having a healthy planet can we all live healthy and happy lives.

  • 40x30x 2 cm (unframed)

    56X46X5 cm (framed)


  • Oil/acrylic on cotton canvas

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