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  • Reflections 4 (2020)
  • Reflections 4 (2020)
  • Reflections 4 (2020)

Reflections 4 (2020)


"Reflections 4" continues the captivating series with a striking portrayal of a young man exuding an air of mystery and depth. His curly hair, short beard, and mustache lend him a timeless charm, while his attire of rich green and gold coat evokes a sense of regal elegance.

The painting, reminiscent of the Renaissance masters' style, reflects the artist's mastery of technique and attention to detail, drawing the viewer into an enigmatic world of contemplation. The man's 3/4 gaze is both compelling and introspective, hinting at a wealth of emotions that lie beneath the surface.

In this piece, the artist adeptly captures the duality of the subject's character - the strength portrayed by his regal outfit, juxtaposed with the vulnerability suggested by his contemplative expression. The use of colors and shadows adds depth to the painting, further accentuating the man's complexity.

"Reflections 4" beckons the audience to explore the depths of the subject's thoughts and feelings, encouraging us to connect with his inner journey. As with the previous paintings in the series, the artist extends an invitation to the viewer to forge their own interpretation and emotional connection to the enigmatic figure before them.

In this evocative work of art, the convergence of the Renaissance-inspired style, the subject's gaze, and the artist's skill creates a powerful narrative, leaving us entranced by the stories untold and the emotions unspoken in the young man's contemplative eyes.


Reference Image: Gemmy Woud Binnendjik

  • 43x49x8 

  • Oil on Cotton Linen 

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