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  • Garden of Roses (2022)
  • Garden of Roses (2022)
  • Garden of Roses (2022)

Garden of Roses (2022)


Garden of Roses captivates the imagination with its abstract expressionist style, inviting viewers on a vibrant journey through a world dominated by hues of pinks and peaches. This stunning painting serves as a testament to the artist's deep appreciation for the beauty of flowers and their profound connection to all things pink.

With a subtle exploration of the subconscious, "Garden of Roses" delves into the emotional symbolism of the color pink, unveiling a tapestry of sentiments that encompass youthfulness, vitality, and a whimsical playfulness. Its delicate shades evoke a sense of nurturing femininity, emanating an innocent and cheerful aura that infuses the entire composition with unbridled happiness.

Enveloped in an aura of joy and wonder, "Garden of Roses" presents itself as a delightful and playful creation, capturing the essence of carefree enjoyment. Every brushstroke breathes life into the canvas, revealing a celebration of life's exuberance. This enchanting painting radiates an undeniable cheer, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to observe it.

A true masterpiece of abstract expressionism, "Garden of Roses" exudes an irresistible charm that appeals to art curators and enthusiasts alike. Its seamless fusion of vibrant colors, skillful technique, and the artist's profound interpretation of happiness make it a captivating addition to any esteemed collection.

  • Oil on cotton canvas

  • Unframed 92X92x3cm

    Framed 93X93X4cm

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