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  • GIVERNY (2021)
  • GIVERNY (2021)
  • GIVERNY (2021)
  • GIVERNY (2021)

GIVERNY (2021)


Lad’s passion for nature shines through in her beautiful portrayal of Monet's lily pond in Giverny, France.


This painting is predominantly created in shades of green, pink, and blue. The use of green in particular, with its calming effects on the nervous system, reinforces the peaceful and tranquil ambience of the garden. In addition, the pink and blue hues accentuate the delicate beauty of the water lilies and add to the overall serenity of the scene.


Water lilies and water gardens hold a special place in Akshita's heart as they provide a much-needed respite from the chaos of modern life, offering a sense of peace and tranquility. Through her masterful use of color and technique, Akshita pays tribute to Monet's enduring legacy, while also inviting viewers to connect with the restorative power of nature and the profound impact it can have on our emotional well-being.

  • 30x40x2 cm (unframed)

    56x46x5 cm (framed)

  • Oil on cotton canvas

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